See Why You Can Walk For Miles in Famolares

Below is part of an analysis of a woman walking on a treadmill during a
Zebris Gait Study:
Serving as a Mediator and Aiding Natural Movement, the first wave of the Famolare sole Absorbs Initial Shock to the Heel and Ankle.  The second wave Cushions the Arch, the third Rolls You Forward, and the fourth pushes you off.  
Made in USA,
the lightly Padded Footbed gives Firm Comfortable Support
and the All Leather Upper, Lining, and Insole Breathes
and Eventually Conforms to the Foot.
"By distributing my body weight across a larger area of each foot
there are less pressure points susceptible to foot problems."

The Original Walking Shoes


Famolare's anatomic insoles and rubber outsoles help the wearer walk straighter than regular shoes, improving posture, and enabling a quicker gait,
which likely has a positive effect on other areas of the body too.
"I feel a stronger sense of well-being and vitality walking in Famolares."

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